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Learning Disabilities

The focus of Dr. Elena Hofmann-Smith’s practice is the metabolic and homeopathic treatment of various developmental disorders including ADD (attention deficit disorder) and ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder), autism spectrum disorders including Asperger's Syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, drug-addicted infants, Down's Syndrome and other genetic syndromes, mitochondrial dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, vaccination injury, traumatic and metabolic brain injury, heavy metal poisoning, and failure to thrive. She works with infants, children and adults.

Dr. Elena’s approach is to sort out the metabolic tangle that is usually present in such cases. This usually involves:

  • Ordering a panel of blood and urine tests (and sometime hair analysis) to gather information on the patient’s metabolism, their nutritional status, their gut organisms and their toxic load. This points the direction to the proper and necessary treatment.
  • She takes a homeopathic case to identify the correct homeopathic remedy to balance the energetic system.
  • She then works to get the gut to function correctly and may provide support with digestive enzymes and probiotics. The gut can be called “the second brain” since it so directly impacts the functioning of the brain.
  • She treats toxic conditions that are interfering with the functioning of the gut, the immune system and the brain, such as heavy metal poisoning, food intolerances, allergies or overgrowth of unfavorable bacteria.
  • Through supplementation and diet, she support the body’s natural detoxification abilities, encouraging the liver to function properly.
  • The proper building blocks, essential amino acids, oils, vitamins, minerals and essential sugars must be provided through out this effort so that cells and their enzyme systems can do what they’re supposed to do.

Once these steps are covered, it is amazing how the nervous system can recover.

Dr. Elena feels a calling to work with patients that are not meeting developmental milestones or are regressing, are failing to grow. She welcomes babies who do not walk or talk on time, patients who are falling off on their growth charts or whose heads are too big or small; kids who are not learning to socialize, who are hyperactive or who have trouble in school, have dyslexia or other learning disabilities, folks with autism, bipolar disorder or whose impulsiveness is interfering with their happiness and that of their family.

Especially with growing children, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. Every day that passes is a day of missed learning and possible physical injury to the nervous system due to a tangle of metabolic problems. She urges parents to bring in their children at the first sign of problems. If you are beginning to wonder if something might be wrong, it is time to act.